Basketball is what we do, What we love and who we are. It is a journey toward our true selves. The Tampa Fury are here to create and provide opportunity for athletes, to take it to the next level. We’re here to provide entertainment, fun and pride throughout the Tampa Bay metro. Let’s get furious, let’s play some ball!

  • Salary

  • Overseas opportunities in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean!

  • Watch Band Endorsement!

  • Your own trading card!

  • We pay for your G-League open/workouts when scheduled

  • Development/Training

  • Your own jersey for sell and 50% commission on ads and sponsorships!


Welcome To Fury Nation!

The Furious Life Of Basketball Lives Here


“I firmly believe that in life, respect is a lot more important than popularity” - Dr. J.Julius Erving


Tampa Bay Fury

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We offer programs that meet your small business needs, advertise through our wide audience of sports fans. Basketball is one of the worlds most popular sports, constantly expanding it's fan base, let us help you expand yours through partnership. Reach out to staff@813furynation.com or 813fury@gmail.com. You may also use our "Contact Us" section.


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